Thursday, December 25, 2014

The 7 Best Albums Of 2014 From Ottawa, Canada by Topon Das (Fuck The Facts, Merdarahta)

I recently asked my friend Topon Das if he would like to put together a "top 6 albums of 2014" list for the blog. Not only did he do me the favor of putting together a "Tops" list, but he added 1 and chose his favorites from his very own hometown of Ottawa, Canada. Enjoy!


Accursed Spawn - ‘Putrid’

Ottawa has always had a really strong death metal scene. Maybe it's the cold winters or the government jobs, I don't know. But it manages to create some of the best death metal that I think this country has to offer . Accurse Spawn is still somewhat of a young band, but you would never think it if you were to listen to this. They have the old school roots, but are shredding hard without being annoying and distasteful. Some first class riffs with solid song structure make it a bummer that this release is so short.

Alaskan - 'Despair, Erosion, Loss'

Check it out. You'll love it.

Ash And Elm - ' S/T'

I listen to a lot of angry, screaming, loud music. Not only because I enjoy it, but also because I have to as part of my job. So it's always fun when I discover something that is the total opposite of that that I actually also really enjoy. Imagine that you're listening to Cannibal Corpse's "Tomb Of The Mutilated" and all of a sudden your mother-in-law shows up. You can put this on quickly and she'll be happy, you'll be happy; everyone wins.

Street Meat - 'Taco Night!'

My 4-yar-old daughter is always asking me to put this album on. I know that it's the album cover that first caught her attention, but the songs are infectious enough that it has kids (and adults) shaking every available body part to the dirty beats. The only things that's better than this album is thir live show.

Dead Weights - Dead Ends & Closed Doors

I'll admit that I have listened to the song "Fall Down" on repeat numerous times. Extremely well written catchy punk rock that'll have you singing along after just the first listen. I want to say 'great dudes, great album', but even if these guys were assholes I would still want to listen to this.

Norilsk - Japetus

Really sweet new doom band in the area. Brings elements of doom, post rock and even old school death metal together into a seamless match. Imagine Russian Circles tuned down and with a death metal vocalist. Chock full of simple melodies that'll have your head moving without you even knowing it.

Sombre - Demo 2014

These guys come from a band that wanted to be The Dillinger Escape Plan and you can still hear some of that in this, but now it's mainly just raw, angry and pissed off hardcore. One of the gnarliest guitar tones I've heard in awhile and one of the best hardcore vocalists this city has to offer. Keep an eye out for this young band.

Sombre's Bandcamp


Thank you to Topon Das for putting this list together for the blog!

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