Saturday, December 6, 2014

Disabler - Aggressive Negativity Review

Disabler - Aggressive Negativity

1. Bitter & Resentful
2. Tamas
3. Your Opening Act, The Date Rapist
4. Hibernation
5. Leary's Still Dangerous

"Aggressive Negativity". Exactly the way I would describe this EP. There's something in the water in Edmonton apparently. And it turns punks even angrier than normal. Disabler kidnaps you, ties you up, gags you and throws you in a small room for about 13 minutes. Only for a few seconds in "Hibernation" do you get a moment to breathe. And then it's right back to the slammer, but man does it feel good to be back.
These guys take all the best parts of a very dark and heavy strain of hardcore punk and push it to the limit. I sat on this in my emails for quite sometime and goddamn I wish I hadn't. How this bands isn't more well known after sharing the stage with KEN Mode and Full Of Hell is beyond me.
I would honestly put this in a list among the best releases of 2014 for me.


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