Saturday, December 6, 2014

Terminal Nation - Demo 2014 Review

Terminal Nation - Demo 2014

1. Intro
2. How Will You Be Remembered?
3. Preexisting Condition
4. Employee Of The Month
5. Stay In Your Lane
6. Messiuhhhhh/Outro

This isn't your average punk band. From the very first "intro" track you can tell you're for a bit of a twist. Yes it has simple riffs, gang vocals peppered in, old school two-step breakdowns and fast passages, but it also has solos! That was what surprised me the most. These punks not only make good hardcore, but they know how to play their instruments pretty well. This demo was recorded well, but not too well to detach from the raw and organic feel that goes so well with punk/hardcore.
The main vocals have a very jock punk (think Infest. Which is probably where they got their name from.) feel to them. I'm not the biggest fan of this style of vocals, but it does go with the style of hardcore that they play. They do seem to have another back up vocalist in the band with a different vocal approach. This can be heard on "Employee Of The Month" and a completely different style of vocals can be heard on "Messiuhhhhh". These different vocal styles definitely give this band some unique qualities and help them stand out from other modern hardcore acts.
I'd highly recommend this if you like your punk sludgy and raw.


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