Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sick 'Em - S/T Tape Review

Sick 'Em - S/T tape
1. 808
2. Progress
3. Playing House
4. Rather Figure
5. Soft Money
6. Mi Felicidad
7. Trapped Dragged Down

Sick 'Em is a band from LA with a strong hardcore punk sound. They've labeled themselves under the genre of thrashcore. However, while there is a clear influence of bands under the thrashcore banner, such as early D.R.I., the majority of the EP has a much stronger straight up hardcore punk feel.
A very short, but very energetic EP, Sick 'Em have released a very good representation of their live performance in this EP. They've harnessed the crazy energy and pissed off punk attitude they give off while playing live and condensed it so well here that if you listen to these recordings and go to a Sick 'Em show for the first time, you know exactly what you're gonna get. Rather Figure, Progress, 808 and Mi Felicidad are definite highlights of the tape for me. If you love fast, mean and energetic punk then this is definitely a band to check out! The EP is on Obscene Records/Murdernoise but you can check out two tracks from it!




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