Thursday, September 11, 2014

FISSURE - S/T Track By Track Review


1. Junkie's Day Off
2. Left-Footed
3. Gary Busey For President Of The Moon
4. Untitled
5. Hey, Bro, Do You Like Attack! Attack!?
6. I Want All Our Songs To Be About Rims
7. I Used To Cut Myself To Dashboard Confessional
8. G.I.M.P.

Let me just start by saying this is easily the strongest debut I've heard from a local LA band. 50% Punk, 50% PV, 100% Pissed the fuck off. Don't let some of the silly song names distract you from the fact that you'll be getting an ear full of venom. But it's a venom you'll keep coming back to.
It starts off with a re-recording of an older song, "Junkie's Day Off". This was a track that came from the first incarnation of FISSURE. And it's the perfect song to start off with. Speed filled and attitude fueled, it gives you a taste of what is to come.
"Left-Footed" starts off with a riff that could best be described as Inepsy on speed and then just explodes.
"Gary Busey For President Of The Moon" is a fast and tight track. With lyrics calling all out all the fakes, this is a track not to be taken lightly. Even with such an off topic name.
"Untitled" is one of the strongest tracks on here. It has everything you could ask for; Speed? Check. Yell along chorus? You bet your ass. Sludgy, badass riffs? Fuck yes.
"Hey, Bro, You Like Attack! Attack!?" no I don't, but this track is definitely a highlight from the 7". Starting off fast as per the usual, but then going into a really groovy section that'll get any crowd moving.
"I Want All Our Songs To Be About Rims" is the shortest track at 22 seconds long and damn does it blister. Pure speed and a tight as hell performance on this track.
"I Used To Cut Myself To Dashboard Confessional" has the sickest opening of the whole S/T. Easily my favorite riff from the whole thing. And then with the palm-muted fast section.. this track is just teeming with riffs.
"G.I.M.P." the sludgyness in this track makes it one of my favorites along with the previous track.

If this review doesn't get you at least THINKING about snagging a copy of this 7", maybe the fact that it comes on Prince Purple vinyl will.
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